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Horizon Zero Dawn - Mountain Landscapes

These shots show the teams world building efforts to create the Nora territory in Horizon. This region is inspired by landmarks in Colorado, U.S.
Working as an environment artist at Guerrilla Games I had a hand in all environments shown in these screens, but a game of this size and scope has a lot of environment artists working on it. These landscapes were largely built by: Jacob Tai, Ben Jaramillo, Lucas Bolt, Wilbert Oosterom, Jelle van Scherpenzeel, Amir Abdaoui, Tim Hijlkema, Lukas Kölz and Steven de Vries.

©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe. Horizon Zero Dawn is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC. Developed by Guerrilla

Lukas kolz the embrace territory of the nora tribe

The Embrace, territory of the Nora tribe

Lukas kolz the borders of the embrace inspired by lost creek wilderness colorado

The borders of the Embrace, inspired by Lost Creek Wilderness, Colorado

Lukas kolz nora watchtowers within the embrace

Nora watchtowers within the Embrace

Lukas kolz lands north of the embrace based on roxborough park colorado

Lands north of the Embrace based on Roxborough Park, Colorado

Lukas kolz canyon inspired by the black canyon of the gunnison

Canyon inspired by the Black Canyon of the Gunnison

Lukas kolz territory of the banuk tribe inspired by the colorado rockies

Territory of the Banuk tribe, inspired by the Colorado Rockies